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Christopher is Managing Partner and Lead Analyst at Macroval. He is an experienced practitioner of Applied Information Economics and is an expert in the measurement of intangibles and intangible assets. He has a quantitative educational background and several years of experience as an analyst in the retail, marketing and high-tech industries. As a well-rounded generalist in decision modeling, he is a highly sought advisor for decision analysis, as well as for developing applications in Excel VBA and other platforms. Mr. Maddy’s education includes a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, an MBA,

and a MS in Finance.


Thomas is Managing Partner and Director of Business Development at Macroval. He is passionate about the advancement of actuarial decision methods and supporting small business growth. His background includes positions in academic psychology, applied forensic psychology, and management consulting. Mr. Verdier brings diverse Sales and Marketing expertise to Macroval, leveraging freelance and Director experience in lead generation, sales, and recruiting to support Macroval’s growth.