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Get the right people to assist you before making important business and investment decisions. Turn to the professionals at Macroval, LLC to get all the help you need to make the right business decisions every time.


Rely on our detailed quantitative decision analyses to help you see any investment as a financial instrument. Expect well-defined answers and recommendations on the favorable actions to take when making a decision. Make the best use of our customized tools and training to make decisions on an ongoing basis.

When Making Big Decisions, Don’t Just Go With Your Gut, Make Sure You Can See the Whole Picture

A Powerful Framework - Customized For Your Needs

  • We Clearly Define The Problem

  • We Create a Model of the Problem and All its Components

  • We Prioritize Data Collection and Analysis

  • We Collect Data and Run Simple Experiments

  • We Optimize Your Decision, and Provide Your Expected Return on Investment

  • We Provide You with an Elegant and Beautiful Decision Optimizer™ Tool

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Are you looking for customized business valuation services? You're at the right place! Rely on our team to prepare custom business valuation reports for you.

Comprehensive management consulting and decision analysis solutions

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